Lagi 2 anggota psgfm/gsgf mengikutti boria, Breathing new life into boria Dalam Akhbar Star

Akhbar Star keluaran 28 Mac 2009 juga telah melapurkan Majlis Pelancaran Blog Warisan Boria yang berlangsung baru-baru ini.
A BORIA enthusiast, who is worried that the performance art might become “extinct just like the dinosaurs,” has created a blog to keep it alive.Omar Hashim, 54, said he had posted all the data and pictures on boria, which he and his friends had collected over the last two years, on http://warisanboria.blogspot.com.“I can proudly say that the blog has all the details of the art — its history and where to find the troupes for performances. “Although there are only four boria teams left in Penang, I am confident that with the blog, I will be able to locate old timers to help revive the art,” he told reporters at the recent launch of the blog by Penang Culture and Arts Department director Siri Neng Buah at the P. Ramlee Auditorium in Penang.rday March 28, 2009

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